Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rauscher Farm/ Clamshell Pond

Clamshell Pond, Clinton, MA

There are many small parcels of land with tiny trails that lead to beautiful places that only the locals seem to know about. Someone mentions it, you file it for future use, and finally the appropriate "where am I going to go today?" day rolls around and you follow the obscure directions and discover another unique, out-of-the-way place.

Rauscher Farm is now owned & protected by the town of Clinton, and sits just north of Clamshell Pond. The Pond is one of the most active beaver habitats I've ever come across. I was there in early spring, and there were loads of trees in the process of being gnawed down and added to their lodges.

Clamshell Pond is located just
a stone's throw east of the
massive Wachusett Reservoir.
It's a place to come to
observe, not if you want a
long hike or a big trail. Bring
the kids to learn about pond
life, but watch out for ticks
during the warmer months!

There are rocky ledges to
climb, woods to explore,
beavers, ducks and the
usual pond dwelling

There is no official trail
map, but there is only
one main trail that skirts
the northern edge of the
pond. There is another
minor trail that leads up
into the forest near the
beginning of the trail.
A map of the property can be found here. Larger maps of the area, including conservation by the Sudbury Valley Trustees, can be found here. Conservation efforts and events are organized by the Clinton Greenway Conservation Trust here. There are some nice boulders at the edge of the pond if you like to find a quiet place to sit & enjoy the water.

Parking is near the end of Clamshell Road, by the barns, before the road turns into a private driveway. The trail access can be wet in early spring or after heavy rain.

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